Coverage API


Coverage Area or isochrone is the furthest distance you can travel to or cover from a starting location, the area you can travel in a specified time can vary depending on the mode of travel (pedestrian,car or truck), the resulting shape covering all area reachable with a mode of transportation is called isochrone, coverage API allows you to calculate and get the polygon feature that represent this isochrone, example image that represents an isochrone is below.

Coverage Area

Use cases

  • Calculate isochrones using multiple transport modes (multiple car or truck vehicles)
  • Define your service zones based on travel times from a starting location
  • Plot/Display travel times on a map with lines or polygons
  • Create geo-fences to trigger location-aware user experiences, notifications, or events


To authenticate and use the API you need to add api-key header to your requests with an active subscription key supporting the coverage API, you can get your keys from subscriptions page under your AMS account.

API Endpoint

Endpoint for the coverage API is available at:

Generating Coverage polyline Feature

To get the coverage polyline (or line feature) you need to define the start point and meta-data about the travel, example request below:

  "startLocation": {
    "lat": 25.039641,
    "lng": 55.12464
  "transportMode": "car",
  "departureTime": 0,
  "optimizeFor": "time",
  "rangeType": "time",
  "rangeValues": "300,600,1200"

break down of the request is as follows:

  • startLocation: defines the start location of the travel
  • transportMode: transport (travel) mode, available options are car and truck.
  • optimizeFor: choosing the optimization mode, available option is time
  • rangeType: defines the type of the multiple values provided in rangeValues property, at the moment only time values can be specified
  • rangeValues: different values of rangeType to calculate isochrone at

As a response you wil get the feature polyline that covers the area around the start location, matching the transport mode and travel times (rangeValues) range values you provided

API Documentation

To view the Open API documentation for the API click here