Getting Started

To start using the AMS services you will need to signup and get your subscription keys. Once you get you subscription keys you can explore any of the below services for mapping and routing functionalities.

AMS has a suite of SDKs providing turn by turn in-app navigation, as well as mapping functionalities that you can embed to your app, we support all the major platforms (Android, iOS and web).


AMS provides a range of APIs covering complex routing problems, our first set of APIs covers three topics, Centroid where you can discover optimal center points in a network of locations, with consideration for traffic conditions, Coverage, which helps you get idea on accessibility from a location to area around it, giving you an easy option to implement an Isochrone maps. The last API in the set is Multi-Stop Routing API, which optimize the complex functionality of multi-vehicle routing, with time and capacity constraints which is common in delivery and logistics domain. Additionally, the Get Trip API can be used to retrieve previously executed user queries regarding trips.