Error Handling

Errors and exceptions in the SDK contains an error code and a message.

The following are the error codes in the SDK.

  • ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT_ERROR - For arguments or values that doesn’t match the constraints
  • SDK_INITIALISATION_ERROR - SDK initialisation failure
  • MAP_INITIALISATION_ERROR - Map initialisation failures
  • MAP_LOAD_ERROR - Failures with loading scheme in the Map
  • MAP_OPERATION_BEFORE_MAP_READY_ERROR - Accessing Map operation before map ready callback
  • TRIP_DETAILS_ERROR - Any failure with Trip related APIs
  • ROUTE_CREATION_ERROR - Failure with route creation
  • PEDESTRIAN_ROUTE_CREATION_ERROR - Failure with Pedestrian route creation
  • RETURN_TO_ROUTE_ERROR - Failure in return to route method